White magic love spells that work

White magic love spells that really work


Today we will tell you about some very interesting white magic love spells that really work. We found these spells on the SPELLCASTER MAXIM’s website SpellsHelp.Com. But please don’t think we’re engaging in web plagiarism. All the rituals we publish have been approved by the owner of that website, spellcaster Maxim, a well-known esotericist and a skilled master of spells. Moreover, he kindly agreed to give us some important clarifications and comments to supplement this article.

Those who want to learn how to do white magic for love should take two large ripe apples. The apple skin should be intact, have no sunburn marks or worms. Take a red thread and use it to cut each apple in half. Put the apple halves together. Place your picture in between the halves. Do the same to the other apple and put a photo of your beloved in between.

White magic love spellTake a candle and drip plenty of melted wax along the cut so that it seals the apples as it hardens. Put the apples on a wooden or silver dish so that they touch each other. With the same thread that you used for cutting, tie their tips together, finishing off with 12 tight knots.

Wait for 24 hours without leaving home. During these 24 hours, don’t smoke or drink alcohol. And don’t eat anything. Washing hands or taking a shower is also forbidden. The best way to sit it out would be sleeping, day-dreaming, and meditating.

Gently remove the wax and pull the pictures out. Do not throw away the apple halves. Make some jam out of them adding more sugar than usual. Put the jam in a jar with an iron lid, and put some jam between the photos to kind of glue them together. Put the pictures in a jar and screw the lid tightly. Melt the wax with which you connected the apples. Pour it onto the lid sealing the sorcery – it will now begin to gradually change your relationship with the one spelled with your white magic.

However the ritual will work only if your feelings are sincere, if there is not a shadow of a doubt in your faith in success, and if you are patient. Sometimes the final change requires many long weeks.


Important notes for those who take a shot at sorcery


Spellcaster Maxim, who kindly provided us with information for this article, gives the following advice to anyone who wants to practice white magic love spells that really work:

  • You should always start with giving an honest answer to the question “Why do I need this?” The answer is the future that you want to attract. Focusing on the future events and passionately longing to live through them will give you power over your destiny.
  • Attempts to attract love having no idea what your relationship must be like or what will come out of it are doomed to failure. Well, indeed, you can get a reciprocal feeling. But it will flash and fade in a blink, with your dream for mutual love technically having been fulfilled.
  • Home sorcery often uncovers various problems with karma, fate, and energy. Energy diseases become more acute, manifesting themselves in their ugliest form. Of course, what I, spellcaster Maxim, mean is, first of all, curses that prevent you from being with the one you care about.
  • Toxic karma will manifest during the ritual. It will cause the most surprising mistakes. For example, you can drop magic objects and confuse words of the incantations that you thought you knew by heart. Bad karma will prevent you from casting a good spell – it’s only an obstacle in your way to happiness.
  • On the other hand, loneliness and loss of faith in love will make you weak. You’ll think that it’s no use trying or lose faith in success. It will, of course, cause you to have various fears, frightening thoughts, and panic attacks. Destiny always acts through emotions, bringing them to a destructive state.
  • White spells should be performed at dawn or before sunset, and when the moon is waxing only.
  • Making magic items yourself, if you can, is better than buying. The artifacts you make will be much more powerful than those from dingy shops and suspicious sellers.
  • No spell lasts forever. Any ritual, especially a homemade one, will soon sink into oblivion. This kind of magic can control a person for up to 4-5 weeks, but in reality such relationships start falling apart much sooner, such as after the first fight, after one of the partners gets jealous or insults the other.
  • It is professional magic that can stay effective for many years, provided the following conditions are met:
  • – The sorcery you ordered is performed by a professional spellcaster;

    – You value the one you’ve enchanted;

    – You never cheat on him, not even in your thoughts;

    – You protect your relationship from negative energies;

    – You never stop loving your significant other;

    – You make your beloved feel needed and important.

  • Do not commit yourself to solitude, if sorcery fails. A mistake in magic is just a mistake, it’s not a fateful sign. If it doesn’t work, just let a trained spell caster fix your future. A master of his craft will give you the happiness you’re longing for – in spite of your bad karma, in spite of the destiny programming you for futility and lovelessness, and in spite of any problems with your energies. He will rid you of all this with his super-powerful sorcery.

    How to do white magic for love


    White magic spell for loveThe Spellcaster Maxim website described another way to do white magic for love. To cast this spell, you  will need some clean melted water from a river or a lake. If there are no rivers or lakes in close proximity, then just freeze a large amount of water in your freezer to get some ice. You will see that part of it is crystal clear and the other part is turbid and contains air bubbles: this is a process of natural water purification.

    Take the clear part of the ice and let it melt. Take the rest of the ice out of the house, walk at least 700 steps away from your doorstep, and throw the ice away if it hasn’t melted yet, or pour the water out at an intersection while saying:

    “May all the tears of my loneliness, all my unfulfilled dreams, all the empty evenings, and all the caresses and kisses I have not received go away with you.”

    Walk away without looking back. This is a very important safety precaution. Should you break it, not only will only take over your own unhappy past (which is what you rejected) but also attract other people’s troubles.

    Wash yourself with the remaining water for 9 weeks. Keep it in a new bowl, preferably a wooden one. Having washed yourself, cover the bowl with a thick cloth to prevent water evaporation. Do not use any soap or gels. Just scoop the water with your hands and wash your face trying to get every last drop back into the bowl. Do this in the evenings, passing to the water all the energy accumulated during the day. It is very important to get into a positive mindset before your start. Stay confident that everything will work out and you and the target will start dating soon.

    Every time you wash yourself, say the following incantation:

    “Here’s my beauty. Here’s my tenderness. Here’s my kindness. And here’s my love. The water makes them stronger and more attractive. The water hasn’t taken them away, but amplified them. The water hasn’t washed them away, it made them visible. The water has also changed and is now filled with my magic.”

    Nine weeks later, there will be a small amount of water left, just at the bottom of the bowl. Collect it and put into a corked bottle or a flask. Use it to make the so-called love tags. Do it as follows: moisten your finger with the enchanted water at the beloved’s place or near his work, or where he can be frequently seen, then write your name on the wall, on the table, on the door, or on any other surface. You can mark the front door of your beloved’s apartment to prevent your rivals from visiting him. If you want, leave your love tags on his car or clothes.

    The more tags you leave, the better, because eventually they will start producing an aura around the person that will first make him think of you. Next he will start to see your beauty and attractiveness, and eventually fall in love with you. However, it’s not for certain because amateur sorcery, which it is, doesn’t always work and doesn’t have as strong an impact as we would like it to have.

    To achieve success, entrust the spellcasting to someone you can call a professional. Our today’s guest, spellcaster Maxim, whose website was used for writing this article, is a Master Occultist. With the experience of thousands of rituals performed, he will be able to perform a strong spell bringing affection and lasting mutual love into your life.