Psychological characteristics of gifted children

Psychological characteristics of gifted children
What are gifted children?What approach should be taken not only by teachers, but also by parents?Many topics are devoted to the problems of gifted children.Specialists have developed many programs designed to help these children realize their abilities.
At the age of 2 to 5, the first creative abilities appear.It is at this age that personal qualities are laid, and the need for self-expression appears.The task of not only educators, but parents to support the child’s aspirations.Curiosity plays an important role in the development of all children and it is important not to miss this moment.There are great opportunities for discovering talents in nature, art, science or sports.
Another sign of giftedness is a good memory.Such children are already at an early age able to classify the information received and apply the knowledge gained through experience.They like to read more encyclopedias, dictionaries and technical literature, while being critical of the written text, often asking questions.
The psychological characteristics of a gifted child are manifested in the fact that they have a developed sense of justice, a vivid imagination.In adulthood, these children retain a creative approach to their activities.But along with a vivid imagination, they may have a feeling of fear for the possible consequences of their activities.
Against the background of the fact that a gifted child overestimates requirements for himself, negative self-perception may arise, difficulties arise in communicating with classmates.
Often negative attitude of parents to early cognitive activity.It is easier for them to see the child like everyone else.This prevents the development of cognitive and creative abilities, which negatively affects the psychological state of the child.Often, such children have increased excitability, appetite, sleep may be disturbed, and headaches occur.If you do not turn to specialists in time, this can lead to the development of neuroses and a number of mental illnesses.
Another problem that gifted children face is the lack of understanding of their classmates.Some of them try to look like everyone else, which also leads to nervous breakdowns.Conflicts with peers can arise due to the fact that a talented child often attracts the teacher’s attention.
Such children are characterized by reflections on life and death, on the afterlife, religion and philosophy, which often interferes with communication.
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