Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Buying Guide

Good Gaming Mouse: Cooler Master MM711 – For casual gamers with a high sensitivity and comfort. It is best suited for those who do not like to change their mouse settings too often.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming Mouse: Great white gaming mouse that are ideal for both advanced and beginning gamers. It’s designed for maximum comfort and support. Its ergonomic design and comfort-enhancing features make it perfect for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: It is equipped with keys that are designed for comfort. The mechanical keyboard allows players to use their fingers more freely while gaming. With a smooth and responsive feel, it also allows for accurate and precise keystrokes. This keyboard is also perfect for those who enjoy a lower sensitivity during gaming.

G-WIlks Hari Gaming Keyboard: It is designed for advanced and beginner gamers alike. It features Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard, which offers an improved tactile response compared to Cherry MX Black. It is also a quiet mouse because of its steel-plate action, giving players with fast reaction time. It has special gaming keys that can be used for fast-paced action. There is also a macro keys that can be programmed to increase accuracy.

G-wolves Hawi Gaming Mouses: It is a good choice for both casual and hardcore gamers. It’s an advanced gaming mouse that comes with LED backlighting and customizable options. With smooth mechanical keys, G-wolves Hawi is a great choice for both experienced and new gamers.

Palm Pro Mouses: These two models are considered to be the most professional looking and user friendly in the market today. They feature smooth and comfortable clicks and high-quality materials, making them ideal for gamers who demand a great performance from their equipment.

HP Wireless PC Accessories: These models are specially made for wireless users. They are equipped with wireless connectivity so players can get high quality gaming without having to plug them into a wireless adapter. They have a Bluetooth adapter that lets players connect to the Internet wirelessly so they can stay connected with their gaming environment wherever they are.

HTC Wireless Mouse: A favorite among both beginners and experts. The mouse is a high-end product of the gaming accessory manufacturer and features an extended palm support that lets players use their hand for more precision in the game.

A number of these wireless USB mice are available in different colors. Each model of the wireless USB mouse is designed with a unique color and style to blend in well with your overall look and style.