The 14 Best Fleshlights in 2020: The Best Feeling Sleeves and Most Realistic Textures

If you ever fell lonely at night and don’t want to resort to old-fashioned masturbation, fleshlights are amongst the most popular male masturbators. These fleshlights for men don’t have to be used when you are alone only; even couples can introduce this sex toy into their sex lives. If you want to learn how to start using a fleshlight, continue reading this article.


What is a fleshlight?


If this is your first time hearing about fleshlights then you much have been living under a rock for all these years. Your standard flashlight will come in 4 different pieces which consist of the case, the sleeve and two caps. It is basically like a fake vagina or butt encased in an ergonomic, usually, plastic sleeve. Some best fleshlight masturbators even have lubrication added in order to mimic a real pussy or are made from pornstars’ vagina molds. Even though they are mostly used by individuals, some couples even enjoy playing with this sex toy, just like some couples enjoy adding dildos into their sexual play.

Types and main characteristics


Before purchasing anything you have to take into account what types and characteristics would be most preferable for your investment. Here are some basic types of fleshlights:




  • Anal fleshlights – both gay and straight men will love to use this ass fleshlights. There are not only ordinary anal masturbators but also masturbators whose opening is made from molds from your favorite male and female porn stars so you can further indulge in your sexual fantasy. If you love watching Riley Reid, Alexis Texas, Jenna Haze, Brent Everett, Christy Mack, Brent Corrigan, Eva Lovia and others, you should consider trying their fleshlight replicas.


  • Vagina fleshlights – straight men should use these most realistic fleshlights. The opening will give you the utmost satisfaction as you use it to masturbate yourself and imagine that you are fucking some beautiful girl. There are also fleshlights made from molds of your favorite porn stars’ vaginas, such as Riley Reid, Alexis Texas, Jenna Haze, Dillion Harper, Christy Mack, Tory Black, Teagan Presley, Lisa Ann, Tera Patrick, and of course, everyone’s favorite girl, Stoya.


  • Oral fleshlights – enjoy using this fleshlight mouth as you imagine using somebody’s mouth to get you off.

How to choose the best fleshlight?


The first rule when choosing the best fleshlight model for you is to try several of them until you find the right one. Fleshlights have been invented because they can be hidden in plain view, as they look like, you guessed it, flashlights. For those people who want even more discrete looking ones, there are also beer can fleshlights. Besides the basic types we have already mentioned, if you have a kinky and wild streak in you, you may want to venture into the more crazy looking masturbators. For the most adventurous individuals, there are also some more creative fleshlights out there, such as the alien vagina and vampire mouth fleshlights.


Choosing the right size


Besides the type, textures, and shapes of fleshlights, the size also has to be taken into account. This is maybe, even, one of the most important criteria to consider when somebody chooses to liven up their sex life. You should always check out the width and the length of the sleeve, that is, the opening with which you are masturbating, whether you buy it online or at a sex shop. Make sure that you buy the sleeve length that you are certain is the right size for your penis so that you can have the best possible sensation while your penis is tightly surrounded from all sides. For those who travel frequently, there are also discrete flight male masturbators, which have a more sleek look and are also shorter. Besides, there are also compact fleshlights which can be only 3.5 inches in length. These are for on the go people, as well as, for those who want to carry their pleasure with them in their pockets. You can also choose the width of the opening, which can go from 0.5 inches in diameter. It is basically up to you to see which one will be the tightest fleshlight for your pleasure.

Choosing the right material, shape and texture


Here are some examples of different fleshlights:



    • Realistic or non-textured fleshlights – these types are best for fleshlight newcomers as they have the recognizable sensation of a real vagina or an asshole. They don’t have as many textures as the ones below do, so prepare yourself to some very realistic pleasurable self-loving.



    • Textured fleshlights – these ones are perfect for those who love an intense and all-encompassing feeling as all kinds of ridges, bumps, ribs, fangs surround your penis and drain you to your orgasm in the most exquisite way. They are unfortunately not recommended to people who have sensitive penises as they can be overwhelming for them.



    • See-through fleshlights – these are very erotic as you, and your partner can watch your penis glide inside and out. The sight of a penis entering a hole can be as pleasurable to your partner as it is to you, as he or she can imagine the intense gratification that you are feeling.



    • Hands-free fleshlights – are perfect for rounding off your fantasy as they can adhere to any smooth surface to ensure the best possible realistic sexual simulation.



    • Suction fleshlights – these are basically blowjob simulators which mimic the lips, tongue and throat movement.



How to use a fleshlight?


There isn’t much of science in knowing how to use a flashlight. If you want to, you can first warm it up just by placing it for several minutes in some hot water so that you can have the warmth of a real vagina or anus. For the ultimate pleasure, you should place some lubrication on the inside of the fleshlight, and we recommend always using a water-based lube. By masturbating with your hand, you can adjust the position, angle, and speed, whereas by twisting the end cap you can adjust the suction and pressure. If you want a more realistic feel, you can also use different fleshlight mounts for a hands-free activity, and you can even improvise and place the fleshlight in between some pillows or blankets.  It is also important to know how to clean a fleshlight. You can only clean it with warm water and if you want, fleshlight cleaning supplies designed specifically for the type of material from which the sleeve is made of, as we do not recommend using regular everyday soap.