How to Conserve Biodiversity

It's an almost shocking statistic, but from 200 to 2000 species die every year, and by die we mean become instinct. The big mammals, such as elephants, polar bears, and even pandas are the ones we know the most and probably care the most about, but they are hardly the only animals in danger.  Of course, we don't want this to tip into a conversation about man's destruction of nature, although it's easy to get dragged into this debate. Whether mankind has been the key culprit in culling biodiversity, there is one thing we can state as a fact and not feel like debating it at all.

To begin with mankind can be doing a lot more in preserving biodiversity. Whether it is through stricter government policies, giving up on specific habits, or generally coming down hard on the illegal trade of ivory and rhinoceros horns, there are definitely some actionable ways we can begin changing the world even today.

Make Governments Act

Now, you can argue that governments really have no say in it but they do. And so, having the government leverage its expertise may be the best way to move forward. The goal here is to prompt action on the part of the authority and it's usually governments that have access to all the resources we as taxpayers help fund.  However, to force a government into action, we need to stop and think about the issue that biodiversity is. While losing the pandas and whales may sound terrible, it hardly affects us on a day-to-day basis. What if, though, we lost the bees?  We don't actually stop to think about what could happen if the 20,000 species of bees suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Other than sending rippling effects across the animal kingdom, we humans would be direly affected by losing one of nature's most potent pollinator.

stop destroying Mother Nature!

Without them, we will see yields in crops such as cereal grains plunge in a deathly spiral, yielding too little to make most of our diets sustainable. To give you another stark example, blueberries and cherries are only possible because bees actually pollinate them. Without the bees, we will lose 90% of berries and cherries.  This does sound worrying, and it is. If you need a little more materialistic reason to act sooner rather than later, then a new report by insurance firm Swiss Re that fifth of all countries are already at risk of complete ecosystem collapse. This doesn't affect just developing countries, and even Australia is at a loss in the fight against declining eco and biodiversity.

Stop Wasting Resources Right Now

Giving up on your favorite meal or thinking twice before buying certain foods based on the way they are wrapped may seem excessive. It certainly feels like you are trying to pick up a fight or in the very least, call attention to yourself. However, saving biodiversity may depend on you being that one customer who raises a din whenever they don't think something that should be done otherwise is not kept. In terms of personal consumption habits, even eating excessive meat and fish, such as salmon, can be damaging to the ecosystems. Understandably, you not eating meat and salmon would not be enough to stop farming meat and fish.  However, if more people were to join you and opt-out of these foods, supply would simply have to match demand. Of course, not everyone is as picky as that and that's why government efforts are very important. The good news is that saving biodiversity is truly and only in our hands right now.

Find Alternatives

Finding an alternative is baked in our human nature. We are constantly on the lookout for discovering new ways to change things. As a species, we tend to find new ways and to adapt. Sure, humans are not very adaptable, to begin with – we do need oxygen, sunlight, fresh air, the right temperatures, clothing, a lot of nourishment, and more.  Yet in this complicated dynamic, we are able to always find a way to adapt and survive. Adaptation is definitely easy enough these days. Just like once upon a time we used to visit brick-and-mortar casinos, but today we prefer the comfort of our homes and picking a casino from's dedicated list of great online websites to try, so are we ready to embrace the great tomorrow.

However, to be able to have a better time at this tomorrow, we probably should start caring about our environment, and specifically the environment that is not in our immediate vicinity. We have the power to make a difference.



3 Biggest Reasons Why Christians Are Happy Whatever

Many people out there can't see why Christians don't refuse their belief despite all the persecutions due to Muslims and fanatic groups from other religions. It's actually pretty hard to understand what makes Christian people be so tough in such hard situations. Christians who live in Nigeria as well as other parts of Africa are subject to a terrific persecution by groups of local extremist Muslims, just to mention one.

Christian girlYour Life Will Change For The Good

Once you embrace the Christian religion, you will certainly feel God's love for you through life experiences that will let you see His action upon you. But there are also some things that you will naturally refuse to do or to agree with. You will refuse avarice, for example, and in the meanwhile, you will begin practicing charity. You don't have to give away all your money for charity purposes. Charity takes so many different shapes and even spending your time to listen to a friend's talk when that friend needs moral support and advice is a good form of charity.

Another thing that you won't do or stop doing is gambling and betting for real money. In the Holy Bible, especially in the Old Testament, such activities are clearly banned as they can let evil enter your life and soul. However, there are many Christians who love certain casino games like roulette or poker. So, there is a compromise between Christian religion and casino games: you can play them for free, just for the pleasure of testing your abilities and game strategies. This way you can enjoy inventing yoru best winning strategy without using any real money. Casinos Navi is an emerging gambling source where you can find several excellent casino sites.

As you can see, there's always a good way to choose for you at every crossroad. Just listen to what the Holy Spirit suggest you do, you'll be sure to pick the right way.

Get Ready To Transform Your Life Into A Happy Life

Living like a Christian may be hard as the entire world seems to fight you and your belief. You'll have to face so many complicated situations and you'll be tempted to fall into sin. Despite all this, Christians still live a happy life and that's because they rely on God's message and endless love.

Becoming a Christian means to take your life and transform it into a completely new and fully happy existence. Are you wondering why? Here are some answers for you:

  1. Sins are forgiven
    Confess your sins to Jesus through a priest and those sins will be instantly forgiven. You'll experience a sweet and cherishing warmth pampering your heart. This physical sensation is always accompanied by a big relief and happiness. Of course, as you can see in 1 John 1:19, the best way to deserve Jesus' forgiveness is to forgive your enemies and people who hurt you. The better you can forgive, the happier your life.

  2. Holy Spirit teaches you Jesus teaches
    Once you have the sacraments of baptism and confirmation, the Holy Spirit comes to live in your soul. It's your goal to behave as a good Christian to make it stay in your soul all your life long. The role of the Holy Spirit is to teach you what way you should take everywhen you are in front of a crossroads in your life. Taking the right decision is often a challenging task and you may feel unprepared. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you and keep listening for His answer, which may come in many ways and forms. So, stay always tuned.

  3. Eternal peace and joy
    It's not easy to tell you why true Christians are happy although they have their life difficulties just like everyone in this world. Their happiness is a reflex of the eternal peace and joy that we all hope to deserve after death. And the brightest side of the story is that nobody and nothing can take your peace away! You may experience a temporary mood of sadness or anger, but if you are a true Christian, it will last only a very short time. You'll want to get back to God and He will give you His peace and joy to help you face that hard moment that made you sad or angry.

The bottom line is that Christians trust in God's mighty justice, in Jesus' perfect love, and in the Spirit's powerful help. And God rewards His faithful people with immense gifts, such as victory on enemies, happiness, peace, and so many other gifts that are given for their salvation, both physical and spiritual.

4 Reasons You Should Thank God For Life Challenges

Everyone dreams about a happy life. But what is happiness? If you stop for a while to think about the concept of happiness, you will discover aspects that you probably are still giving for granted or that you've never considered too important for you.

What Is Happiness?happiness

First of all, happiness is a condition of your soul and mental state. Happiness generates from your inner side and the hidden depth of your soul. Happiness can be evoked by emotions like joy, gratefulness, serenity. But happiness is also the result of more emotions that come from situations. When you get a high grade on a school exam, you are happy. When you welcome an old friend who travelled a long way to visit you, you are happy.

Even if you win big at a video game or casino game, you are happy. That's because you probably didn't expect that winning or because you know that winning is a unique event in your player history. However, some pro gamblers reveal that if you choose the right casino site, your chances to win more often can increase. In particular, Sportbetting India seems to emerge in the current casino industry online for its high-quality casino companies and selection of great tips and tricks for its visitors.

sorrowWhat Is Sorrow?

Do you think that a happy life is what normally everyone experiences in their lives? Well, it isn't. There's also a big part of life that is made of sorrow. And again, what do you think sorrow is?

Sorrow is every emotion that is connected to a negative vision of life, the world, people. Sorrow is actually the representation of the lack of "hope". When you feel you have no hope left around yourself, you begin to feel alone and sad about a certain life situation. Sorrow is when you can't get your beloved ones who passed away back by your side. Sorrow is when a love relationship ends leaving you so many thoughts, doubts, memories.

And we tend to identify all these (and more) circumstances as root causes for sorrow. Sorrow is a necessary life challenge that works to make us stronger. It might sound weird, but when you face and overcome a challenge in life, you are a different person than you used to be before that challenge because now you've learned that there's a way to get out of hard difficulties and that way is God's help.

Reasons To Change Your Mind About Difficulties

God won't forget about you when you are in your darkest days. Although you may not feel His presence, just know that He is there and He is ready to operate in your life difficulties. And while you are experiencing that difficult moment, you are actually growing as a person, you are becoming a stronger one, you are building a mature faith and view of Existence.

So, here are a few basic reasons why you should always thank God for any life difficulties and ask for His help:

  1. Difficulties reflect your weakest side
    We think that a life situation is "difficult" when we can't face it like any others and that happens because we are weak on that point. So, as we've told you above, life difficulties come to make you build your strength.

  2. Difficulties build your character
    Think well: what made the person who you are? It's not only a matter of education and culture but also a matter of how many hard life situations you had to experience. Every time you got out from one of your past difficult moments, you gained a new piece to add your character to build it larger.

  3. Difficulties develop virtues
    Nobody is naturally born perfect. We come to life with our defects and we have to fight to improve. Life challenges are the best occasions to develop new virtues that we hadn't or had too poor. Patience to wait for God's help, determination to keep fighting against discrimination, mental strength to keep up with a hard job… these virtue are what life challenges give you as a gift.

  4. Life challenges soften your roughest sides
    We've mentioned building character. Well, life circumstances that are energy-demanding are excellent to soften certain aspects of your character that are too rough. A selfish attitude or a spirit of revenge can be mitigated only by the worst (or should you say "best"?) life challenges.

The bottom line is that every time you fight and then overcome a life challenge, you become a stronger person and this means that you gain a lot of self-confidence for yourself and the people whom you can support for similar life challenges.

3+ Changes Introduced By Pope Francis In The Catholic Church

He is the first non-European pope in more than 1,200 years and it's the first Jesuit pope in the entire history of the Catholic Church. We think you got the idea – it's Pope Francis.

before he became pope

Who Is He? What Is He Doing?

His friendly attitude made Catholics immediately guess he was going to be just a different pope and that's what we can currently state. Pope Francis decided to look and behave differently than any other predecessor so that he could outstand in the scenario of the Catholic Church.

As soon as he was elected to become the new pope, the Argentinian Jesuit spent his first comments on poverty, church reform, climate change, immigrants, divorce, and a few more topics that seem to dominate today's society. More than a reformer in the Catholic "affairs", Pope Francis looks like a politician who wants to build a completely different and new society taking advantage of the fact that most people in Europe belong to the Catholic Church.

The Topic Of Money In Pope Francis' Project

pope francis

It's clear that Pope Francis is "using" God's name and message in the advantage of his reformistic project – this important fact explains why it is the first time that a pope is harshly criticized by Catholics.

The entire approach of Pope Francis leading the church is disrespectful to the true message and vision in the Holy Bible. One of the typical topics that seem to play a big role in Pope Francis' project is the so-called cult of money". He openly criticizes money, but he drives the world financial system with the huge resources owned by the Vatican. He doesn't tell a word about the expansion of gambling in today's society, for example. Many people got their lives destroyed because of irresponsible gambling. And for this reason, the most appreciated casino companies on the web recommend their registered users to play responsibly, avoiding any form of excess when placing bets and playing games. The real-money casinos selected by significant sources like India Casinos are conformed to the principle of responsible gambling and they committed spreading the basic rules of responsible gambling all through their users. So, safe gambling is still possible.

What Does He Do Wrong?

As you can see, Pope Francis is a shady character in today's scenario of the Catholic Church. He's been caught so many times telling a thing and then doing the opposite. But here are a few breakthrough changes that Pope Francis introduced in the Catholic Church:

Pope Francis doesn't seem to like pilgrimages to holy destinations, like Our Lady of Lourdes in France. On the contrary, he looks more comfortable and happy with Pachamama. Don't you know what it is? In a nutshell, Pachamama is a goddess of indigenous peoples of the Andes. She's something between an earth and time mother. She's also regarded to be a fertility goddess. 
What did Francis with Pachamama? One year ago, it was October 2019, Francis welcomed and celebrated the arrival of Pachamama in the Vatican. He followed all the phases of the long pagan ritual to "install" this idol in the Vatican.

After not longer than 6 months into his papacy, Francis stated harsh comments against the Roman Catholic Church that he considers obsessed with abortion, same-sex marriage, contraception, new family models. In his "lovey" message to Catholics, Pope Francis wants to highlight the idea of love against dogmas and moral doctrines. In a nutshell, he wants to hide the destruction of the family behind the idea of love. The basic idea is "when it comes to love, everything is allowed, so you can marry a man although you are a man (same goes for women), you can choose abortion, you can do anything that you want".

An unbalanced relationship between mercy and justice
This passage is closely connected to the previous one. So, according to Pope Francis' idea, you can take wrong decisions in the name of God's immense love. Although you make mistakes, you don't have anything to worry about because God is merciful and He will forgive you anyway. 
There's nothing worst than this concept! God is merciful with those who love Him and ask forgiveness for their mistakes. But at the same time, God is also righteous and His justice can hit guilty people with the world's worst griefs.

More changes took place in the historic peace process in the Middle East, where he went and referred to the Israeli-occupied areas as the "State of Palestine". Another sign of how Francis is acting more like a politician than a pontiff.


4 Things You Can Do To Fight Injustice

No matter what you do in your life or what cultural background you have, justice and injustice will always be around. You can't avoid that, it's simply part of living in a community with other people. When you attend school classes, you live in a family, go to a workplace where you are surrounded by other people and there might easily be someone who behaves correctly while someone else behaves inappropriately.

blackjackStudy The Social Rules To Enjoy The New Environment

That's what creates a sort of social gap between people with different attitudes and approaches to life and the entire world. As you know, laws are here to help everyone behaving correctly. When you know the rules, you also know how you can adjust your attitude according to those rules. It's like when you play football or blackjack, either way, you have to know the rules if you want to take part in the game and enjoy it all.

Don't you know the rules because you are new to the game? Africa Casinos offers fresh new tips and tricks on the game that you want to try first. Along with basic information, you will also get real-time updates and strategies to win more often, just visit the website to pick up pieces of advice revealed by expert gamblers.

You should have the same attitude when entering a new social environment. Let's say that you've just been hired at a new office. Study the office rules and how the other colleagues behave, this way you will be not only appreciated for your social attitude, but you will start engaging in new relationships more easily.

When The Day You See Injustice Comesbullying in workplace

Expect that sooner or later you will meet someone who has a very bad attitude to you or someone else around you. You know, it's the beginning of injustice in the particular place where you are. Consider that injustice is always the beginning of more social problems, like mobbing, bullying, cyberbullying, and more.

The consequences of such unfair behaviours are of many types. The person who suffers from unfairness tends to avoid social relationships, they feel frustrated, depressed, anxious. They might develop eating disorders and difficulty falling asleep. Frequent nightmares can become a serious disease. It's hard to live when you know that you are a victim of injustice. Most of the time, you can't defend yourself because you begin to develop a sense of self-unconfidence and lack of trust in others.

If you aren't a victim of injustice but you know someone around yourself who is, try taking action into your hands:

  1. Get closer to the victim
    It's easy to join the group against one only person. It's what weak people tend to do. Be stronger, just get closer to the victim. Try to have the victim of injustice trusting you. Talk to them, tell them something about your experience with injustice and how you overcome them.

  2. Empathy is precious
    One of the most effective weapons that you have to help someone who is suffering from bullying or any other form of injustice and personal attack is your empathy. Work to improve your empathy, try your best to make the victim of bullying understand that you are there by their side. You must show all of your human touches to the victim.

  3. Take action to defend the victim
    There's nothing worst than feeling completely alone in the world. All victims of violence or injustice (no matter what kind of injustice it is) feel alone and lost. This represents an extra reason to be weak when suffering from violence or bullying. Don't let a victim of violence suffer alone. Just be there to help, invite them for tea and spend your time with that person to avoid them can feel alone any more. Talk to the offences, too. If you can take them to understand they are making mistakes, you will fill the gap and make all the difference for both parties.

  4. Convince the victim to report the injustice
    Oftentimes, the victims of unfair behaviours and injustice don't want to report their situation. They tend to hide it all because they feel frustrated and ashamed about it. You know this is not the best way to give such a hard situation an end. Bullying, violence will never stop until someone reports them. So, talk to the victim of injustice and explain to them the importance of reporting that specific situation.

When you meet injustice, the first thing you can do is to believe in yourself and work for putting an end to it. You can do it in several ways, just pursue the principle of justice for yourself and the people around you.