4 Things You Can Do To Fight Injustice

No matter what you do in your life or what cultural background you have, justice and injustice will always be around. You can't avoid that, it's simply part of living in a community with other people. When you attend school classes, you live in a family, go to a workplace where you are surrounded by other people and there might easily be someone who behaves correctly while someone else behaves inappropriately.

blackjackStudy The Social Rules To Enjoy The New Environment

That's what creates a sort of social gap between people with different attitudes and approaches to life and the entire world. As you know, laws are here to help everyone behaving correctly. When you know the rules, you also know how you can adjust your attitude according to those rules. It's like when you play football or blackjack, either way, you have to know the rules if you want to take part in the game and enjoy it all.

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You should have the same attitude when entering a new social environment. Let's say that you've just been hired at a new office. Study the office rules and how the other colleagues behave, this way you will be not only appreciated for your social attitude, but you will start engaging in new relationships more easily.

When The Day You See Injustice Comesbullying in workplace

Expect that sooner or later you will meet someone who has a very bad attitude to you or someone else around you. You know, it's the beginning of injustice in the particular place where you are. Consider that injustice is always the beginning of more social problems, like mobbing, bullying, cyberbullying, and more.

The consequences of such unfair behaviours are of many types. The person who suffers from unfairness tends to avoid social relationships, they feel frustrated, depressed, anxious. They might develop eating disorders and difficulty falling asleep. Frequent nightmares can become a serious disease. It's hard to live when you know that you are a victim of injustice. Most of the time, you can't defend yourself because you begin to develop a sense of self-unconfidence and lack of trust in others.

If you aren't a victim of injustice but you know someone around yourself who is, try taking action into your hands:

  1. Get closer to the victim
    It's easy to join the group against one only person. It's what weak people tend to do. Be stronger, just get closer to the victim. Try to have the victim of injustice trusting you. Talk to them, tell them something about your experience with injustice and how you overcome them.

  2. Empathy is precious
    One of the most effective weapons that you have to help someone who is suffering from bullying or any other form of injustice and personal attack is your empathy. Work to improve your empathy, try your best to make the victim of bullying understand that you are there by their side. You must show all of your human touches to the victim.

  3. Take action to defend the victim
    There's nothing worst than feeling completely alone in the world. All victims of violence or injustice (no matter what kind of injustice it is) feel alone and lost. This represents an extra reason to be weak when suffering from violence or bullying. Don't let a victim of violence suffer alone. Just be there to help, invite them for tea and spend your time with that person to avoid them can feel alone any more. Talk to the offences, too. If you can take them to understand they are making mistakes, you will fill the gap and make all the difference for both parties.

  4. Convince the victim to report the injustice
    Oftentimes, the victims of unfair behaviours and injustice don't want to report their situation. They tend to hide it all because they feel frustrated and ashamed about it. You know this is not the best way to give such a hard situation an end. Bullying, violence will never stop until someone reports them. So, talk to the victim of injustice and explain to them the importance of reporting that specific situation.

When you meet injustice, the first thing you can do is to believe in yourself and work for putting an end to it. You can do it in several ways, just pursue the principle of justice for yourself and the people around you.