3+ Changes Introduced By Pope Francis In The Catholic Church

He is the first non-European pope in more than 1,200 years and it's the first Jesuit pope in the entire history of the Catholic Church. We think you got the idea – it's Pope Francis.

before he became pope

Who Is He? What Is He Doing?

His friendly attitude made Catholics immediately guess he was going to be just a different pope and that's what we can currently state. Pope Francis decided to look and behave differently than any other predecessor so that he could outstand in the scenario of the Catholic Church.

As soon as he was elected to become the new pope, the Argentinian Jesuit spent his first comments on poverty, church reform, climate change, immigrants, divorce, and a few more topics that seem to dominate today's society. More than a reformer in the Catholic "affairs", Pope Francis looks like a politician who wants to build a completely different and new society taking advantage of the fact that most people in Europe belong to the Catholic Church.

The Topic Of Money In Pope Francis' Project

pope francis

It's clear that Pope Francis is "using" God's name and message in the advantage of his reformistic project – this important fact explains why it is the first time that a pope is harshly criticized by Catholics.

The entire approach of Pope Francis leading the church is disrespectful to the true message and vision in the Holy Bible. One of the typical topics that seem to play a big role in Pope Francis' project is the so-called cult of money". He openly criticizes money, but he drives the world financial system with the huge resources owned by the Vatican. He doesn't tell a word about the expansion of gambling in today's society, for example. Many people got their lives destroyed because of irresponsible gambling. And for this reason, the most appreciated casino companies on the web recommend their registered users to play responsibly, avoiding any form of excess when placing bets and playing games. The real-money casinos selected by significant sources like India Casinos are conformed to the principle of responsible gambling and they committed spreading the basic rules of responsible gambling all through their users. So, safe gambling is still possible.

What Does He Do Wrong?

As you can see, Pope Francis is a shady character in today's scenario of the Catholic Church. He's been caught so many times telling a thing and then doing the opposite. But here are a few breakthrough changes that Pope Francis introduced in the Catholic Church:

Pope Francis doesn't seem to like pilgrimages to holy destinations, like Our Lady of Lourdes in France. On the contrary, he looks more comfortable and happy with Pachamama. Don't you know what it is? In a nutshell, Pachamama is a goddess of indigenous peoples of the Andes. She's something between an earth and time mother. She's also regarded to be a fertility goddess. 
What did Francis with Pachamama? One year ago, it was October 2019, Francis welcomed and celebrated the arrival of Pachamama in the Vatican. He followed all the phases of the long pagan ritual to "install" this idol in the Vatican.

After not longer than 6 months into his papacy, Francis stated harsh comments against the Roman Catholic Church that he considers obsessed with abortion, same-sex marriage, contraception, new family models. In his "lovey" message to Catholics, Pope Francis wants to highlight the idea of love against dogmas and moral doctrines. In a nutshell, he wants to hide the destruction of the family behind the idea of love. The basic idea is "when it comes to love, everything is allowed, so you can marry a man although you are a man (same goes for women), you can choose abortion, you can do anything that you want".

An unbalanced relationship between mercy and justice
This passage is closely connected to the previous one. So, according to Pope Francis' idea, you can take wrong decisions in the name of God's immense love. Although you make mistakes, you don't have anything to worry about because God is merciful and He will forgive you anyway. 
There's nothing worst than this concept! God is merciful with those who love Him and ask forgiveness for their mistakes. But at the same time, God is also righteous and His justice can hit guilty people with the world's worst griefs.

More changes took place in the historic peace process in the Middle East, where he went and referred to the Israeli-occupied areas as the "State of Palestine". Another sign of how Francis is acting more like a politician than a pontiff.