3 Biggest Reasons Why Christians Are Happy Whatever

Many people out there can't see why Christians don't refuse their belief despite all the persecutions due to Muslims and fanatic groups from other religions. It's actually pretty hard to understand what makes Christian people be so tough in such hard situations. Christians who live in Nigeria as well as other parts of Africa are subject to a terrific persecution by groups of local extremist Muslims, just to mention one.

Christian girlYour Life Will Change For The Good

Once you embrace the Christian religion, you will certainly feel God's love for you through life experiences that will let you see His action upon you. But there are also some things that you will naturally refuse to do or to agree with. You will refuse avarice, for example, and in the meanwhile, you will begin practicing charity. You don't have to give away all your money for charity purposes. Charity takes so many different shapes and even spending your time to listen to a friend's talk when that friend needs moral support and advice is a good form of charity.

Another thing that you won't do or stop doing is gambling and betting for real money. In the Holy Bible, especially in the Old Testament, such activities are clearly banned as they can let evil enter your life and soul. However, there are many Christians who love certain casino games like roulette or poker. So, there is a compromise between Christian religion and casino games: you can play them for free, just for the pleasure of testing your abilities and game strategies. This way you can enjoy inventing yoru best winning strategy without using any real money. Casinos Navi is an emerging gambling source where you can find several excellent casino sites.

As you can see, there's always a good way to choose for you at every crossroad. Just listen to what the Holy Spirit suggest you do, you'll be sure to pick the right way.

Get Ready To Transform Your Life Into A Happy Life

Living like a Christian may be hard as the entire world seems to fight you and your belief. You'll have to face so many complicated situations and you'll be tempted to fall into sin. Despite all this, Christians still live a happy life and that's because they rely on God's message and endless love.

Becoming a Christian means to take your life and transform it into a completely new and fully happy existence. Are you wondering why? Here are some answers for you:

  1. Sins are forgiven
    Confess your sins to Jesus through a priest and those sins will be instantly forgiven. You'll experience a sweet and cherishing warmth pampering your heart. This physical sensation is always accompanied by a big relief and happiness. Of course, as you can see in 1 John 1:19, the best way to deserve Jesus' forgiveness is to forgive your enemies and people who hurt you. The better you can forgive, the happier your life.

  2. Holy Spirit teaches you Jesus teaches
    Once you have the sacraments of baptism and confirmation, the Holy Spirit comes to live in your soul. It's your goal to behave as a good Christian to make it stay in your soul all your life long. The role of the Holy Spirit is to teach you what way you should take everywhen you are in front of a crossroads in your life. Taking the right decision is often a challenging task and you may feel unprepared. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you and keep listening for His answer, which may come in many ways and forms. So, stay always tuned.

  3. Eternal peace and joy
    It's not easy to tell you why true Christians are happy although they have their life difficulties just like everyone in this world. Their happiness is a reflex of the eternal peace and joy that we all hope to deserve after death. And the brightest side of the story is that nobody and nothing can take your peace away! You may experience a temporary mood of sadness or anger, but if you are a true Christian, it will last only a very short time. You'll want to get back to God and He will give you His peace and joy to help you face that hard moment that made you sad or angry.

The bottom line is that Christians trust in God's mighty justice, in Jesus' perfect love, and in the Spirit's powerful help. And God rewards His faithful people with immense gifts, such as victory on enemies, happiness, peace, and so many other gifts that are given for their salvation, both physical and spiritual.