4 Reasons You Should Thank God For Life Challenges

Everyone dreams about a happy life. But what is happiness? If you stop for a while to think about the concept of happiness, you will discover aspects that you probably are still giving for granted or that you've never considered too important for you.

What Is Happiness?happiness

First of all, happiness is a condition of your soul and mental state. Happiness generates from your inner side and the hidden depth of your soul. Happiness can be evoked by emotions like joy, gratefulness, serenity. But happiness is also the result of more emotions that come from situations. When you get a high grade on a school exam, you are happy. When you welcome an old friend who travelled a long way to visit you, you are happy.

Even if you win big at a video game or casino game, you are happy. That's because you probably didn't expect that winning or because you know that winning is a unique event in your player history. However, some pro gamblers reveal that if you choose the right casino site, your chances to win more often can increase. In particular, Sportbetting India seems to emerge in the current casino industry online for its high-quality casino companies and selection of great tips and tricks for its visitors.

sorrowWhat Is Sorrow?

Do you think that a happy life is what normally everyone experiences in their lives? Well, it isn't. There's also a big part of life that is made of sorrow. And again, what do you think sorrow is?

Sorrow is every emotion that is connected to a negative vision of life, the world, people. Sorrow is actually the representation of the lack of "hope". When you feel you have no hope left around yourself, you begin to feel alone and sad about a certain life situation. Sorrow is when you can't get your beloved ones who passed away back by your side. Sorrow is when a love relationship ends leaving you so many thoughts, doubts, memories.

And we tend to identify all these (and more) circumstances as root causes for sorrow. Sorrow is a necessary life challenge that works to make us stronger. It might sound weird, but when you face and overcome a challenge in life, you are a different person than you used to be before that challenge because now you've learned that there's a way to get out of hard difficulties and that way is God's help.

Reasons To Change Your Mind About Difficulties

God won't forget about you when you are in your darkest days. Although you may not feel His presence, just know that He is there and He is ready to operate in your life difficulties. And while you are experiencing that difficult moment, you are actually growing as a person, you are becoming a stronger one, you are building a mature faith and view of Existence.

So, here are a few basic reasons why you should always thank God for any life difficulties and ask for His help:

  1. Difficulties reflect your weakest side
    We think that a life situation is "difficult" when we can't face it like any others and that happens because we are weak on that point. So, as we've told you above, life difficulties come to make you build your strength.

  2. Difficulties build your character
    Think well: what made the person who you are? It's not only a matter of education and culture but also a matter of how many hard life situations you had to experience. Every time you got out from one of your past difficult moments, you gained a new piece to add your character to build it larger.

  3. Difficulties develop virtues
    Nobody is naturally born perfect. We come to life with our defects and we have to fight to improve. Life challenges are the best occasions to develop new virtues that we hadn't or had too poor. Patience to wait for God's help, determination to keep fighting against discrimination, mental strength to keep up with a hard job… these virtue are what life challenges give you as a gift.

  4. Life challenges soften your roughest sides
    We've mentioned building character. Well, life circumstances that are energy-demanding are excellent to soften certain aspects of your character that are too rough. A selfish attitude or a spirit of revenge can be mitigated only by the worst (or should you say "best"?) life challenges.

The bottom line is that every time you fight and then overcome a life challenge, you become a stronger person and this means that you gain a lot of self-confidence for yourself and the people whom you can support for similar life challenges.